It is great having the Gym Club in the school.  It enables us to provide an opportunity to children who might otherwise not be able to access it.

Brendan Clarkin
Pyes Pa School

Thanks for the past term, those children that attend really enjoy it!!

Barry-George Colmer
Sports Coordinator
Welcome Bay School

"The kids have really enjoyed your programme - thanks for the opportunity"

Julie Taylor
Sports Coordinator
Selwyn Ridge Primary

Thank you so much. Your group is run really professionally and she loves it. Thanks for creating variety for them and keeping her motivated.


My son loves Gym Club and looks forward to it each week.  He has become extremely "gymified" and often demonstrates his talents and results of your teaching, to us.  He has made wonderful disciplinary progress since joining the Gym Club.  Thank you.


Dear Mark and Brittany, you are fantastic gymnastic teachers and I have learnt so much.


Thankyou for being my gymnastics teachers.  Thankyou for teaching me lots of new things.


Dear Mark and Brittany, Thankyou for all the support and achievements that we achieved in gymnastics.  Thankyou for teaching us on the beam, the tramp, and the mats.  Thankyou for cartwheels, front flip, back flip, and handstands.


Thankyou for teaching me all about gymnastics and thankyou for all the support.  Whether it was trying to do a back flip or even some friendly advice, it all counted.


Thankyou for teaching all the year sixes how to flip, roll, jump, and land properly.  We have enjoyed flying in the air without being injured.


Thankyou for teaching me during gymnastics.  I will use the skills that I have learnt in my cheer leading.  I will always remember you.


Thankyou for giving me a great time at gym and for teaching me to do a flip and more things.


M Phillips

I was so pleased to have Gym Club at our school and for my children to have the opportunity to be involved in an activity without travelling further.  My daughter has loved it from the start and always looks forward to gym classes. She especially enjoys the coaches, the goal orientated teaching and achieving the badges in class.  My son who has just started school this year is now enjoying gym with her and he is already asking when gym is on again.

Alicia V

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into teaching my daughter Gymnastics, and the caring and nurturing attitude you have shown her.

Donna W

My Son is really loving gymnastics - which says a lot as he is not a sporty kid and hasn't wanted to join any other club. I'm hoping he will keep it up and go on to higher levels.

Sarah W 

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this with regards to GYM club coach Susan Hanley and her great attributes as a gym instructor for children.  My two children have been attending Susan's class for two terms now.  They absolutely love it and have gained a lot of new skills and confidence.  She is a great instructor ensuring the children learn new moves correctly in order for them not to injure themselves.  Her patience with them all is amazing.  She remains in a cool, collected manner consistently.  She makes the class fun and encourages the less confident to have a go and they all do.  All the children enjoy it from what I have observed and get a lot out of it; confidence, improved motor skills, patience, relationship building, learning to take risks and empowerment, all of which stem from the principles and goals of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.  I am very satisfied with her class and the children are too.  They are always showing off their new tricks which builds their confidence.  Well done Susan.

Sharleen I

My son joined Gym Club last term when they started running classes through our local kindergarten.  He was unsure about it all at first, but after seeing how much fun the other children were having, joined in after a few minutes.

Now he can't wait for Wednesday and gymnastics with Sue!

We are into our second term of Gym Club now, and he has already learnt so many new skills while having such a ball!  I can see the vast improvement and visitors to our home are always getting demonstrations of his moves!

I am very impressed with the professional and friendly way Sue has helped my son and look forward to another great term.

Craig M

The children have benefitted from the GYM Club Coach's expert knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement.  Gymnastics is one of the highlights of my daughter's week.

Charlotte J

Both of my daughters have thoroughly enjoyed their gym lessons.  It is well directed, clear expectations, and explanations of tasks.  Both can feel and see their progress and have been rewarded for their efforts through praise and acknowledgement.

Nicola S

My daughter is enjoying GYM club classes.  I am so pleased that GYM club has reignited her interest in gymnastics as she had more or less given up on the sport. I asked GYM club to push Gabby to keep her interested and the GYM club coaches successfully responded to my request.  

Thank you!





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